Swatch: Fyrinnae Eyeshadow Part 2 – VIOLETS!

Posted: June 23, 2010 in Reviews and Swatches

Here comes part 2 of my Fyrinnae haul.  I have swatched Parental Advisory, Sea Turtle, Mephisto, and Wicked.

Swatched MAC Violet Pigment just to show you how it compares with Parental Advisory

Parental Advisory is an intense indigo purple.  It is darker toned, more blue leaning, and less shimmery than MAC Violet.  I love this color, but sometimes it’s hard to build to its full color potential on the lid while also blending it properly.  A lot of people like wearing this wet as a liner, but for me it’s so dark that I feel like I might as well be using black.  I will still re-purchase in full size once I run out.

Sea Turtle is a mid tone khaki with lavender shimmers.  It’s pretty unique in this way although I haven’t had a lot of time to work with this one.  It’s great to use as a neutral with a little bit of a fun kick.  Shimmer Kisser has a great swatch for this one.

Mephisto is CRAZY amazing.  You can really see the fire in it from the first picture in the jar.  I’d describe it as a wine maroon that has a rusty metallic sheen to it.  On that note, the finish is definitely quite metallic at certain angles (as opposed to shimmery).  It’s quite warm and makes a unique and awesome crease color.

Wicked is another one I love.  It was one of the ones that just barely made the cut into my shopping cart, so I wasn’t expecting to like it so much.  It’s a mid dusty purple with a bright turquoise green sheen on it.  It’s extremely complex and interesting to look at as well.  To illustrate my point, I can do all of my eyeshadow with only this color (using both wet and dry techniques) and have it look like I used 3 shades.  This one also makes a great liner that stands out quite a bit.

as a liner / shadow

  1. OMG, Mephisto looks AMAZING! Thanks for the swatch, I just added it to my Fyrinnae wishlist :D

  2. joyce says:

    wait how much are these? i love them!!

  3. looove sea turtle. what a gorgeous taupe

  4. allison says:

    Sea Turtle and Mephisto look so unique and pretty!
    I’m considering ordering some in the future….

  5. […] main colors I used were Vintage Violet Cream E/S from Estee Lauder, Wicked from Fyrinnae, and Dimebag from Kat Von D.  On my lips I’m wearing Neutrogena Moisture Shine in Cherry […]

  6. […] Revlon Cream Illuminance shadow.  I’d like to take a moment to fully express how much I LOVE Wicked.  It’s the most amazing and complex smoky color – it’s purple and blue and green […]

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