Review: Fyrinnae e/s Part 1: Lights [swatches]!

Posted: June 23, 2010 in Reviews and Swatches
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Hey all, I have some exciting Fyrinnae swatches for you tonight!  I’ll be dividing these swatches into 4 posts so stay tuned for the rest :) Today I took pictures of the lighter shades of the bunch.  From left to right pictured are Chlorophyll, Rapunzel had Extensions, Nijiro, and Crimson Ghost.  I actually received my Fyrinnae package a few months ago, but that was just a little before my camera crashed on me.  All the better though, as I can take much more accurate swatches now.

TA DA! Oh, comrades, please do enlarge!

The shipping on these was free, but even if you don’t pass the minimum for free shipping (which I have forgotten at the moment) it is always gonna be very minimal (I think tops $3?).  My shipment came in about a week, faster than I anticipated.  The jars were all wrapped nicely in tissue paper and labeled on the bottom.  The guys at Fyrinnae answer emails and inquiries lightning fast as well.  So yes, overall, the shopping experience gets an A+!

All of these shadows happen to be a high fine shimmer that catch the light extremely well.  None work very well as highlighters (at least for everyday), as they are definitely more on the sparkly side.  They’re swatched over Pixie Epoxy and of course, shine better in real life.

Chlorophyll is a light tangerine shimmery bright.  The color kind of reminds me of macaroni and cheese.  As far as tone it is the darkest of the ones shown here.  This one really applies nicely and stands out without being too crazy.  If you’re new to brights or feel like you don’t do oranges, I would recommend this one, fo sho.

Rapunzel Had Extensions is the only shadow I ordered in full size right off the bat.. I’m not regretting that either.  I would describe it as a warm light peachy pink with a gold champagne shine to it.  It looks absolutely amazing on!! Very unique.

Nijiro I received as a sample.  It’s probably my least favorite and I don’t find myself wearing it too much.  It’s a very very bright ivory with what looks like multicolored but mostly blue-green fine sparkles in it.  Because of the sparkles, the application is a little more messy.  A lot of people love this one, it’s just not for me.

Crimson  Ghost looks very plain and white in the container, but when applied it lights up pink red.  It’s kind of pinkishly opalescent from some angles and also looks good on the lid.  The middle picture is probably the most accurate, but I couldn’t exactly capture the fire.

That wraps it up for part one! See ya later ma homes.

  1. WOOHOOO SWATCHORAMA. my lip hurts man i banged it on the car roof. anyways my faves are definitely chlorophyll and rapunzel had extensions, theyre super super gorgeous

  2. WendyD says:

    :D I love Rapunzel! It’s my only Fyrinnae order. I’ve never finished a sample of ANY eye product, but I see myself finishing my full size of Rapunzel.

  3. […] about this color is that in yellow artificial light it takes on this red sheen that reminds me of Fyrinnae’s Crimson Ghost.  Very complex color, although I wouldn’t say that it’s particularly classy looking. […]

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