Fully Rimmed Eyeliner

Posted: July 24, 2010 in Makeup Tips, Tutorials

The first time I tried rimming my entire eye with black eyeliner was… pathetic.  After seeing Dara’s makeup in 2NE1’s Fire mv, let’s just say I got a little excited.  So, upon second attempt, I’ve come up with a more thoughtful method for pulling this thing off.  If you’re a beginner and have never attempted something like this, read on!

STEP ONE (yellow) – So, starting out, you’re gonna want to line your waterline using a cream or pencil eyeliner.  If you’re feeing ambitious you can tightline all the way around.  As you can see, I have not.

STEP TWO (pink) –  Next, make a sharp, nearly vertical line up from the corner of your eye for the basis of your wing.  With my eyes I usually make my wing quite steep, but I recommend experimenting with your eye shape if you’re inexperienced with winging your eyeliner.  After laying down this line, you’re gonna want to bridge it across into your basic eyeliner.  I usually use a cream eyeliner for this step.

STEP THREE (turquoise) –  So for the last part I take my Kat Von D tattoo eyeliner because the finishing touches require an eyeliner that is precise and easy to control.  In this last step I’m just fleshing out some of the shapes that I’ve created on the outer and inner corners.  It always helps to have a q-tip on hand for cleanup.

  1. Cacau says:

    Love it! Can I post a link to your post in my next post? (omg, I used the word post 1821782 times…) – I don’t usually use eyeliner – it makes my undereye circles steal the stage, but I have many friends who have problems lining their eyes and I think this should be really helpful!

  2. Holy shiz your eyes look so fierce here! I’m gonna make that first picture my desktop so I can look at it all day…heh heh jk. I miss you a lot!

  3. Cat says:

    Your eye makeup is always sooooooo amazing looking!! I love this look on you! :D

  4. dolcearia says:

    Hmmm. I need to practice my tightlining skills. I love that shape though! I’d always heard that basic liner wings should wing upwards along the curve of your lower lashline? It looks like that’s your gauge here, but I’m curious.

    Do you know if you have to use a special product for tighlining, or is any ol liquid, gel, or pencil fine?

    • mytigerlily says:

      A lot of people do use their lower lashline as a guide for their winged liner. I don’t think you should always necessarily stick to that though. I like varying the steepness of my wing depending on what effect I want to achieve. For this one, since I sort of flesh out the shape at the end, I tend to make my line a little more vertical than I would if I was following my waterline. So basically, I overcompensate to begin with so that in the end it looks right. Anyways, Its best to experiment, i say :) that way your options aren’t so limited.

      For tight lining on an everyday basis, I usually use a pencil eyeliner. My favorite one is Revlon Colorstay, it tends to last longer on my waterline than other liners. I was really scared of using a creme eyeliner on my waterline before, but it really actually works quite well. Just gotta be a little more careful with this because it can get more messy/sticky. Eyeliner can get on your contact (if you wear them). Liquid you should really not use on your waterline :)

      Thanks for commenting :)

      • dolcearia says:

        Usually that can get REALLY steep on me… I like it just a little softer on myself. I just wasn’t sure if it was an intentional effect. I usually bring it out a bit before winging, too, since i have VERY fluffy lower lashes that totally distort where my eye shape actually is. I usually like the intensity of Gels on my waterline, I’m never totally sure if its safe though. I ‘ve seen some tightliners specifically marketed as such, but wasn’t sure if there actually was a difference that made it more suitable for the use!

        I love your looks though-I have a hard time finding people whose tastes are bright and crazy and dramatic enough to inspire my makeup lust!

  5. ally says:

    This looks really good!
    I mean like you look good with full out eyeliner unlike me….

  6. liloo says:

    Yeah love this cats eyes liner, you look gorgeous ;)

  7. Tanya says:

    great look!! i want to try this, It looks great on brown eyes.

  8. kayeffjay says:

    This is awesome! I’ve been doing it all in one go, which is okay for smudgy looks, but not so much for when I want precision. Now I know what to do. :)

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