Look: Warm + Cool Metallic

Posted: November 22, 2010 in Looks, Wearable

Hahh you can kind of tell that he hates photoshoots with me >.<

  1. ally says:

    sleeeeeeeeeeek palette

  2. koreansushi says:

    You have such lovely eyes :) & a cutie dog! Hahaha

  3. Catherine says:

    So, first I apologize, I’ve had this tab open forever… but hey LOVE this EOTD! I wanna know what you used dammit lol. & so glad to see a full face shot from you too – you’re so cute!

    & re: the post after this – <3<3<3 I think it's awesome to see so many girls accept who their body shape! For the record, I don't think you're chubby at all! The media's idea of perfect is so totally unrealistic, and even I fall prey to it (I'm just on the other side of the fence, I guess lol, being literally stick thin with no boobs), but the truth is there isn't a "right" shape for everyone at all! If you're healthy and fit, then you should be happy about it too. =)

    • mytigerlily says:

      I’m actually planning on doing a huge swatching thing soon b/c I love -the palette- i’ve been using lately so much. Yeah, well the pictures that I post here are generally the most flattering and non-chubby looking ones XD Anyways, yeah that blog is definitely a good thing :) It’s nice to talk to you again catherine!!

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