Review: Victoria’s Secret Single Eyeshadow

Posted: December 15, 2010 in Reviews and Swatches

Well you guys know that I’m a sucker for taupes.  Especially plummy taupes.
This one’s sleek packaging and beautiful finish took me by COMPLETE SURPRISE
and has since won me over completely…

And it is… Victoria’s Secret single eyeshadow in DECADENT!
$12 available from Victoria’s Secret Stores


Packaging: Sleek and black.  Doesn’t waste space.  The clasp isn’t super strong, but it works.  Easy to pop open.  Shiny, fingerprints not very noticeable.  It’s plastic and light, not necessarily ‘expensive’ feeling, but not cheap feeling either.  I like that I can see the color from looking through the clear panel on the top.

Finish: Beautiful and unique.  Somehow shiny but not shimmery.  They have mattes and shimmers in this collection, but this particular color is labeled “lustre.”  Gotta look out for these in the future!

Consistency: Soft and silky.  Almost so soft you need to be careful if you use your finger to apply.  The eyeshadow is not tightly packed, so if you press on it too hard, it will compact and then grabbing your color will become more difficult.

Application: Sheer at first (in a lovely way), but builds to the color you see in the pan.  Not crumbly or “dry” looking

Value: The price is I believe around 12 dollars – Higher than normal drugstore prices but definitely lower than high end products.  I would say it’s a great value.

Overall: I would purchase this again and recommend it to all my friends!

  1. Pinch says:

    Sounds and looks like a wonderful shade :)

  2. diane says:

    Hy!thanks for the review, is really useful! I also love taupes!


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