What You NEED to Know About EYELINER

Posted: January 22, 2011 in Makeup Tips
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As far as my experience has gone, I would say that mastery of eyeliner is the most important skill you will ever develop, especially if you have Asian eyes.  It’s worth it to really try to perfect your skills because eyeliner can give your makeup a unique edge that nothing else really can.  I have always gotten a lot of questions about how I to use eyeliner effectively, so in this post I hope to explain everything I know.  Be warned, I’m going to be making generalizations.  I know that not everybody’s eye shape and skin is the same.  Try as I might, I can’t make any almighty rules that are going to work for everybody (WAHH.)  We good?

First of all, eyeliner has TWO MAIN FUNCTIONS:

1.  It ties down your eyeshadow. Let’s say you have just magnificently crayon-colored a page in your favorite coloring book.  Now imagine what it would look like if all of a sudden all of your guidelines disappeared.  The picture becomes unclear and your colors no longer stand out as sharply.  Without eyeliner, most looks will appear fuzzy, unprofessional, clownish, and unfinished (and yes, coloring books are very professional XD)  You will find that you can pull off tons of colors and color combinations you wouldn’t have previously considered as long as you lock it in with a solid amount of black in the form of mascara, lashes, and eyeliner.  It grounds both dramatic and neutral looks.

2. Eyeliner not only defines, but manipulates your eye shape.  You shouldn’t see it as one or the other – however from what I’ve seen, it’s easiest for people to forget the second.  Forgetting is the only barrier that prevents you from really branching out and becoming creative with eyeliner.  The reason why you would want to manipulate or distort your eye shape is to either balance or exaggerate your facial characteristics.  For example, wide set eyes can be made to appear closer together, or the distance can be exaggerated for drama.  Liner shape and extension can elongate, slant, or round your eye shape, giving you more control over how you look (sexy, evil, innocent, creepy, etc…) It’s definitely worth playing around with.

This eyeliner makes me look lethargic and awesome. OR MAYBE THAT'S BECAUSE I'M SITTING IN A TREE

So… how do I beginz “playing around with it”?? HM!?

There are three variables that you should be taking into account when you draw your eyeliner.  They all deal with the outer half of your eye, as that is the space where you have the highest range of control (while adhering to the general beauty standards of today o_0).

1. TAKE OFF POINT – Decide this first.  This is where your line first begins to deviate from your eye shape and “take off” (woo!)

2. ANGLE – Decide what angle you want the end of your eyeliner to come down at.

3. LENGTH – Decide how far up this angle line your want to extend your line.

Wait Ladies. One more thing -

IMPORTANT: After you have determined where your upper
line will be placed, you have yet MORE CHOICES!!  They include:

  • How convex or concave your wing will be.  What would be seen as a typical “wing” is always straight edged or convex.
  • How thick or thin your line is.  Thin at the inner getting thicker?  The same thickness the whole way through?
  • How much and what color you would like to fill in beneath it.. this is like coloring in a coloring book!
  • Whether or not to connect it to your lower lashline eyeliner.  And how (rounded, sharp and square, thick, thin, etc.)
  • Embellishments (such as dots, hearts, stars, lines, more wings to top and/or bottom, lining around your inner corner)


If you have any questions feel free to write them in the comments and I will try my best to answer them :)  Thank you for reading and good luck getting more creative and clean with your eyeliner skillzz!

  1. and also practice makes perfect ~ even for winged liner noobs like moi
    I like the panda

  2. joyce says:

    1. thank you.
    2. i love how siwon is the one directing the lecture.
    3. why the hell would you bring geometry into this?
    (kidding…. but seriously).

    4. i love this.

  3. Catherine says:

    Aw lol. I don’t wear top liner at all since my lid folds are so uneven I’d have to draw a 2mm line on one eye and a barely there line on the other to make them look even and then … the massive difference there still looks off. I’m pretty lucky to have fairly dense lashes to begin with though, so they give the illusion that I’m wearing eyeliner without me having to try. (In fact, I guess a lot of people thought I did wear eyeliner in high school since my lashes are dense and point straight out and give the effect of liner, especially in photographs.)

  4. ally says:

    This is amazing!

  5. bluefoxiefox says:

    First off, I am by no means good at doing makeup…in really any sense. I rarely ever wear makeup.(due to both lazyness and lack of know-how) I havent seen all of your posts, but thought you should know that you are very good at it and i am now a huge fan. Makes me want to wear makeup more often.

    Second, (and this actually is about this particular post) While i know I said i’m not good at makeup, I want to know what you think of not putting eyeliner on the top at all? My new thing is liner all the way around the inner bottom, and only black mascara on the top.

    I would really like to know what you think!

    • mytigerlily says:

      Hi bluefoxiefox! (I really like that screen name..) thank you so much for the support! Funny you should mention that because lately I’ve really been into the dark accentuated lower eyeliner and very minimal liner on top. I usually put on a least a thin line of eyeliner on the top lid to cover any small error my mascara may print on my upper lashline. I guess it really just depends on the person and what kind of look they’re going for. Most of the time, like with you, a makeup routine/choice of products is totally dictated by the time or patience you might have for even putting makeup on in the first place!! lol Anyways~ If you ever decide to do a bright colored lid, I would really recommend using some black liquid eyeliner on top. If you’re having trouble you could also use a dark black shadow and an angled liner brush, which is a ton easier to make look even on both sides! Still experiment though, I have some friends who just look better without eyeliner too :)

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