Tutorial: Pretty-Different

Posted: February 13, 2011 in Dramatic, Looks, Tutorials

Today is about breaking old habits.  To my surprise and happiness I tried a completely new type of look today!

At first glance you may not be able to see any major change in the way I’ve applied my makeup, but I assure you this is definitely going out of my comfort zone in a couple different ways:

  • I used a really bright, white, and dominant highlight!  (I normally don’t bother with even a sheer highlight)
  • I was unafraid with really swooshing the eyeshadow out beyond my eyebrow and having less of a round shape.
  • I matched the longer shape with longer, sleek eyebrows that extend way beyond my natural brows
  • I tried out a white waterline! (Over time I’ve strangely built up a prejudice against white waterlines o_O)
  • I spread this incredibly light and shimmery champagne color all over and in towards my nose (I thought light shimmers looked bad on me..)
  • I didn’t use any black eyeshadow!  Or even remotely dark eyeshadow! (WHOA NOW!)

The best part is that this look was incredibly easy.  Really freeing my hand and using the right brushes made making the shapes symmetrical highly doable.  The only tricky part may be the eyeliner, but that just takes practice :]

Read on for a full picture tutorial!

1. Prime your eyelids

2. With a small eyeshadow brush, gently work a peachy champagne shade all across your eyelid.  Start at the inner corners and round the shape as you work outwards.  Feel free to cover at least half of your lid space!

3. With a really fluffy brush, buff in a slightly darker warm brown beginning at the outer third.  Swoosh the color out in the direction away from your nose.  With a dense round brush, highlight you brow bone with a matte white.  Blend this into the shadows below.

4. Line your waterline with a white pencil and top with the same matte white using an angled liner brush.  Add liquid eyeliner, fill in your brows, and apply mascara.  Clean up the edges and you’re finished :]

Products used:

Kat Von D Ludwig Palette: Downtown and Baroque
Sugarpill Sweetheart Palette: Tako

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Kat Von D Tattoo liner in Trooper
Maybelline Full ‘n Soft Waterproof Mascara

I hope you enjoyed this picture tutorial!  Let me know what you’ve done out of your comfort zone lately (beauty or otherwise) ^^

  1. Mika Chan says:

    I think it looks absolutely gorgeous. I wish I had more exotic eyes like you :)

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