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Tutorial: Smokey Iridescent

Posted: March 28, 2011 in Tutorials, Wearable

I’ve been playing around with the new Wet ‘n Wild 8 palettes (really good swatches from VintageorTacky here!)  I am absolutely in love with the green-brown duo chrome eyeshadow from the Comfort Zone palette.  It’s kind of got the same idea as MAC Club from my understanding (although it’s probably a lot more red based)  I’m using this one in the tutorial today!

Let me tell you.  I think this eyeshadow combination is so amazing.  I’ve actually repeated it 3 times, which is pretty good considering I hardly ever repeat an eye look.  I even used it on my mom!  I realize that I haven’t done a more wearable look OR picture tutorial in awhile so here you go:



So I realized that my last Sleek swatches were pretty lame.  I wanted to right my wrongs.

Outside Lighting

Inside Lighting

PROS: Good pigmentation, clean packaging, a variation of dark colors.

CONS: Some color redundancy.  No usable highlight, both are too shimmery.

Overall: I would recommend this palette to anyone who loves to create a dark smoky eye.

Using Darling and a metallic pink topped with Sugarpill Flamepoint

Using Magentric and Weekender with a dark brown definer

Full Review HERE.  Again, these are just to show you how gorgeous the Chromalusts look when applied.  Later I will be doing a tutorial for another look using Sugarpill loose eye shadow.  What did you want to see?  Questions and comments down below.  Don’t forget to wear greens tomorrow!  I love you!

Darling, Weekender, Magentric, Royal Sugar
$12 each, available at