Review: Kat Von D True Romance Ludwig Palette

Posted: March 2, 2011 in Reviews and Swatches

I’ve had this palette for quite a few months now (I can’t remember) so I can safely say that I really like it.

Kat Von D for Sephora True Romance Ludwig Palette
$34 available from


  • 1 matte black, 1 matte chocolate, 6 mid shimmery neutral colors.  A good variety.
  • The shimmers are a baby step up from satin, they don’t have a high intensity sparkly-like shimmer, just a bright sheen, which I love
  • The packaging is sleek and gorgeous, I like the feel and weight of it.
  • Has a large, nice mirror along with some tiny brush applicators (which look nice but aren’t great for applying the shadows)
  • The eye shadows are blendable, buildable, and long lasting.  My makeup looks exactly the same 12 hours after I apply it.


  • There is really no suitable every day highlight color in here.  Tequila is much too shimmery and the other light sand color has random glitters and is kind of useless.

 indoor light

natural outdoor light

Swatches were applied with a shader brush on top of UDPP.

Lucifer – Basic matte black, I’m glad it’s included in the palette.
Orbi – Mid shimmer olive green, leans golden, not muddy!
Dimebag – Muted [cooler] lime, mid shimmer.
Tequila – Shimmer cornsilk.  Beautiful!
Clay – The only useless one.  Basically matches my skin tone, not very pigmented, has golden glitters so it’s hard to work with.  Why is this one here!?
Downtown – Champagne/pinky light copper.  My favorite!
Baroque – Medium copper with medium shimmer.
Leather – Matte chocolate brown.  Nothing special, but good to have.

I love this palette.  It’s great to travel with and it’s reasonably priced.
I would absolutely recommend Kat Von D’s eye shadows to anyone.

  1. joyce says:

    i have this i love it
    you should buy the adora palette its GORGEOUS

    • mytigerlily says:

      I looked it up… I don’t know about the two cream shadows, I think the general consensus is that they aren’t that great :P But yey I didn’t know that they came out with a new one!

  2. ally says:

    How weird, HAHA!
    I saw the new palette that came out and I was lusting after it like :O’

    As always, your reviews are honest and helpful!

  3. gahh I love this palette! I even like Clay, mostly b/c in the beginning, I would get it mixed up with Tequila all the time, and then I realized it wasn’t a totally fail shadow.

  4. Catherine says:

    Pretty! & oh lol. When I had this palette I used to wear Tequila as a highlight all the time… in fact, it was the only shadow that had this massive dip in it. ^^;;

  5. alyciacreative says:

    Strange, I use tequila as my highlight everyday! I have the Beethoven palette, though.

    Here’s an example of a look with tequila as a highlight:

    Thanks for the swatches! I was thinking about getting this one, but I don’t think I will since the browns seem kind of meh. :)

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