Review: 4 Sugarpill Chromalust Eyeshadows

Posted: March 15, 2011 in Reviews and Swatches

Darling, Weekender, Magentric, Royal Sugar
$12 each, available at

Amy, the owner of Sugarpill, put together this adorable bundle of joy for me which included three shadows I had been dying to try: Darling, Weekender, and Magentric.  I had previously bought Royal Sugar so I’m throwing that one into this review as well.


DARLING: Tealy turquoise with matching aqua sparklies.  An amazing color!  The shine isn’t as powerful as the next two (It kind of has a matte edge).  Easy to work with, finely milled, shows up on the lid like it does in the jar.

WEEKENDER: Highly reflective lavender with blue sparkles and a silver edge.  This one works really well with Magentric and literally glows.  I would say that color wise it’s more off-center, more of a muted and blue leaning purple.  Beautiful for night looks with taupes, browns, and silvers.

MAGENTRIC: Magentric is a medium magenta color that looks like pink foil from some angles.  The website describes it as  “deep,” but I wouldn’t necessarily agree; the silvery metallic shine really prevents it from being so.  It’s also supposed to have turquoise sheen.  I see the turquoise shimmers, but I wouldn’t say that when applied they are very obvious, especially when your’e not looking for them.

ROYAL SUGAR: Royal Sugar is a royal matte blue with a  ton a turquoise blue  shimmers in it.  It is very striking, but I’d say it’s probably the toughest to work with out of the ones I own.  Photographed swatches show a brighter blue than it really is, but STILL – it is by no means dull in any way.  Definitely “the perfect hooker blue for a sweet girl like you!”

Swatches on top of Pixie Epoxy


Amazing pigmentation.  All appear on the eye just like they do in the jar.  At the same time they all can be tamed down and paired with more neutral colors for both day and night appropriate looks.

With the exception of Royal Sugar, all of them are pretty much a cinch to apply with not much fallout at all.  Blendability is also perfection.

The packaging, again, amazing.  I love how there are beautiful stickers on the bottom of the jars.  They look gorgeous stored upside down in my drawer so that I can easily see the names.  That kind of attention to detail is really impressive.

The jars themselves are HUGE!  I’m the kind of person who is really paranoid about running out of whatever loose shadow.  Seriously, I have this fear that I will squander it all unknowingly since it’s harder for me to gauge how much is left when shadows are not in a pan!  I’m generally not so worried with these… I wish more companies would offer larger sized jars of loose eyeshadow!  At $12 for 5 grams, the value is incredible.


Just the slight differences in description of color I discussed up above with Magentric.  Royal Sugar is a little harder to work with than I expected, as it’s a matte mixed with sparkles, not actually a shimmery pigment.

There are no sifters.  This doesn’t bother me, but some people like to have them.

Not much else… Obviously you need to have a basic knowledge of how to use loose eye shadows, but that’s the only reservation I would have if I was a beginner looking to choose something from Sugarpill.  If you’re really terrible at using loose eye shadow, I would FOR SURE look at their pressed eye shadow palettes, which I have reviewed and swatched HERE.

Disclaimer: The eye shadows Weekender, Magentric, and Darling reviewed above were mailed to me free of charge.  The opinions stated in this review are both honest and my own.  

  1. aww man, I can’t take my eyes off of Royal Sugar! That’s such a gorgeous color *makes googly eyes* Can’t wait to see what you cook up with these :) p.s. will you please join me at the bottom of this cliff? I’m down here with my history paper.

    • mytigerlily says:

      … tomorrow. I’m digging my hole right now.

    • Oxana says:

      My first Sugarpill products were auactlly the first three of your swatches. I got Darling, Paperdoll and Birthday Girl as a birthday gift from a friend. I love them all. I love how much glitter is in the shadow but I can’t seem to make the glitter stay on as long as I want. I want the glitter to appear and be noticeable upon wear but it doesn’t seem to want to. But I still love them regardless and the pigmentation is beautiful. Darling is the prettiest to wear for me. :)

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  3. joyce says:

    one day when i have the money
    im gonna buy everything in their stock that i can get a hold of

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