Look: Sugarpill Chromalusts (Darling, Weekender, Magentric)

Posted: March 16, 2011 in Dramatic, Looks, Wearable

Using Darling and a metallic pink topped with Sugarpill Flamepoint

Using Magentric and Weekender with a dark brown definer

Full Review HERE.  Again, these are just to show you how gorgeous the Chromalusts look when applied.  Later I will be doing a tutorial for another look using Sugarpill loose eye shadow.  What did you want to see?  Questions and comments down below.  Don’t forget to wear greens tomorrow!  I love you!

  1. joyce says:

    lust list seriously
    i love all of these i appreciate how you’re not afraid to pump on the glitter and shimmer because those are my favorites HAHA

  2. Soo says:

    I’m sure you get this a lot, but I seriously loooove your makeup application, more so because you are Asian (which helps me deal with and have hope for my little eyes) and everything you do looks so goood. (jelly)

    I too heart Sugarpill but am not as brave as you. <3

    post script. I've been lurkin your blog for a while now and I decided to stop being shy. first time commenting. ;)

  3. […] so you have to be very careful to make sure they don’t get muddy.  I gently applied some of Sugarpill’s Magentric loose eyeshadow and blended it into the rest using the pink from my HIP Sculpted Duo.  I added a […]

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