Swatch: Physician’s Formula… Happiness Boosted!

Posted: April 10, 2011 in Reviews and Swatches

The Physician’s Formula 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner and Happy Booster Powder  in Translucent!

Liner – I’m throwing the whole lash boosting part of this product out the window for my review.  The thing to celebrate is that there is finally a cheap drugstore version of brush tipped liquid liners like my previous favorite (Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner).  I’m surprised it’s taken so long for a drugstore brand to catch on to this type of product.  All I know is that THIS is what I’m gonna be buying from now on for $10.99 as opposed to the $18 or so I used to pay for a similar product.

Glow Powder – I bought the lightest shade of this powder (Translucent) in hopes that it would be the pressed highlighter I had been searching for.  At first I thought it was a tad bit too sparkly for me, but I actually quite like it now, it’s not overwhelming.  I love the packaging, and the hearts are sooo cute!  It smells like roses and actually makes me happy.  (Doesn’t take much huh?)  I believe it costs $11.99.  I got mine at Walmart, but they sell at Target, Ulta, and most drugstores.

  1. joyce says:


  2. thecandiedmango says:

    The highlighter looks lovely. It’s hard to find drugstore powders that aren’t too sparkly to highlight with.

    RE: the liner—do you mean a similar tip to a brush-pen for drawing? I have one from CoverGirl that I grabbed last spring for under $10, but I don’t know if they make it any more.

    • mytigerlily says:

      Oh really? I haven’t heard of it / seen it! Huh.. I’ll look the next time I’m there :] I’ve only seen higher end ones that sit at around $20 :( Thanks!

  3. dohhh I love the little hearts! I could just leer at them all day…I mean stare. Stare happily. I’m glad PF came out with a brush-tipped version, but I wish other companies would catch up and do it too, w/out the lash boosting b/c it’s the only thing that’s making me avoid the product right now.

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