Review: Rock & Republic Pressed Eyeshadows

Posted: April 10, 2011 in Reviews and Swatches

Rock and Republic’s single pressed eye shadows
$28 each available at:

Colors (from left to right)

Vintage: Warm brown matte.  There is something special about this one, it has a bit more depth than other brown mattes.  It buffs into the eyelid much more quickly and easily than other eye shadows (which sometimes ‘sit’ on top of the skin)

Carat: Looks white in the pan, but it’s the most delicate warm gold.  I have never seen anything like it.  It glistens.

Lawsuit: This one is worth adding to your collection because it is so much darker and way less red based than most other green-brown duochrome shadows.


  • Amazing formula! Both mattes and shimmers are soft but not too soft.  The pigmentation is great and the blendability is unmatched.
  • The packaging is very solid and aesthetically pleasing, the compact comes with a mirror.
  • Rock and Republic offers a large selection of colors.


  • You can’t see what the color is when the compact is closed.  It’s confusing to not know which one you’re picking up.
  • There are no clasps.  I can’t believe this hasn’t been mentioned by anyone before!  I seriously opened and dropped the lid about thirty times to detect any small amount of magnetization, but I get the feeling that the only force holding the lid down is gravity.
  • Because of the lack of clasps combined with their hefty weight, they can’t travel.
  • Very pricey if you don’t purchase them on sale from Hautelook.
I’d recommend these to those who aren’t bothered by the above defects.  I myself won’t be purchasing any more of them.
  1. spidergirl says:

    The Lawsuit is really amazing!

  2. mutokki says:

    omg, I would never buy these full price! I love most of them though. I do have a few that aren’t as good as the soft and buttery ones though. need to stop being lazy about posting swatches of them..

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