Review: Beauty from the Earth Swatches

Posted: May 2, 2011 in Reviews and Swatches

Basic Information:

Available at

Mineral Eye Shadows: $6.50 for a full size jar (about enough to press 2 tins)
Set of five 26 mm round tins: $1.50 (good if you don’t want to buy in bulk)
Hard Pressed mixing medium: $9.99 (more on this later)


+ Well organized website:
+ Extremely fast shipping and even better customer service.  My order came in 3 days later than their projected shipping time and so they gave me TWO extra full sized shadows.  WOW.  Their definition  of ‘delayed’ is average or even short by many other companies’ standards.  Additionally, BFTE is easy to communicate with via Facebook.  I asked them a question about whether sample sizes gave enough to press a 26 mm pan and received an answer within the day (They’re not enough, if you were wondering :).
+ The packaging of the mineral eye shadows is clean and nice, I like the metallic tops and sifters.
+ Every week they offer a COTW, or Color of the Week.  During the week, this color (voted on by customers through Facebook) is sold full size for the price of a sample.


– There is only a small picture given for each of the shades on the website, so sometimes it’s hard to grasp what the color will really look like.
– The empty palette I ordered came with a dent in the top.  Not unusable but still, it’s a dent.



indoor lamp light

natural day light

(Left to Right) Guipure, Big Ego, Raspberry, Beam, Nani, Grape, Heat, Whisper, Oxford, Mermaid
All on top of a thin layer of Fyrinnae’s Pixie Epoxy 


Guipure: Sparkling yellow-toned light gold
Big Ego: Deep, dark shimmery plum
Raspberry:  Medium pinkish-red.  Not magenta
Beam: Bright golden orange-yellow
Nani: Sparkling frosty mint green.  Very bright, gauzy
Grape: The purple I’ve been looking for all my life.  Even better pressed
Heat: Cool light copper.  So beautiful
Whisper: Shimmering ivory with a violet sheen (Darn my camera!)
Oxford: Sparkling peachy sand
Mermaid: Golden yellow with a green sheen (also better in real life)

*Raspberry, Whisper, Mermaid, Grape, and Heat are unblended pigments*  Other useful swatches that really helped me include those from Vintage or Tacky …and darn it I can’t re-find the site that had a good swatch of Whisper!  Whisper is really good though, I promise!  I will be following up this post with an EOTD / Tutorial to show you more of how the colors apply / appear on the eye!  Any requests for specific colors? I’m thinking Nani to honor the fact that I missed St. Patrick’s Day o_O

Verdict: I would order from BFTE again.
Favorite colors: Grape, Heat, Whisper, Mermaid, Nani 

*all items here bought by me, as per usual :]*

  1. joyce says:

    oh hello gorgeous colors…..
    im having a heart attack here they’re so beautiful.

  2. Ellen says:

    That purple looks amazing, I’ve been looking for a really good purple for ages since every one I do find manages to make me look like I have a black eye or it turns out more blue or pink on the skin D:
    I’ll definately have a look at this site and see if they ship to the UK :)

  3. Halifax says:

    Big Ego, Raspberry and Whisper, please :)

  4. Jilliterate says:

    Typically, when BFTE will refer to a shade as an “unblended pigment” or “primary pigment” when it’s one of the coloured micas that they buy from TKB Trading and repackage under their own name ( On the plus side, they’ve said they’re trying to move away from repackaging, and have formulated a ton of their own colours. On the downside, they haven’t really seemed to downsized the repackaged section.

    Nonetheless, I continue to be intrigued by BFTE, and these are beautiful swatches! Thanks for the pictures!

    • mytigerlily says:

      I am aware :)… but I think it’s kind of nice that they haven’t downsized the repackaged section b/c it maintains a larger selection (which means I don’t have to make an order to bfte AND tkb if bfte happens to have the ones I want already) So in some ways, it simplifies things. Plus the TKB pops are discontinued so…. this is a good place to find some of them anywho.

  5. Liza says:

    BTFE shadows are so gorgeous, Heat looks beautiful :)

  6. […] The middle should still have some exposed Epoxy on it.  With a normal shader brush I patted on BFTE’s Nani, which is a bright sparkling shimmery […]

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