Sleek and Sugarpill Giveaway! [closed]

Posted: September 6, 2011 in Miscellaneous

Hello foxy loxies!  To mourn the end of summer, I’m hosting a giveaway!  The [1] winner of this giveaway will be sent 1 Sugarpill pressed eyeshadow in Afterparty and 1 Sleek Bad Girl I-Divine Palette (click the links for my swatches and review).  As some of you may have noticed, I use these two products almost ON THE DAILY, yo!  Afterparty is my HG blue and the Bad Girl Palette contains my favorite gunmetal to date.

In order to enter:

  1. Like my Facebook Page
  2. Comment below telling me about the CRAZIEST thing you did this summer!  It should be really impressive and wicked or I might just throw your entry out.  Just kidding.
  3. …but seriously.
  4. Share through Twitter or Facebook or whatever you have announcing and linking to this giveaway. (There should be a variety of share buttons at the end of this post, BAM! SO EASY!)


To wrap up, this giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY and will end on Sunday, September 18.  Please make sure to give me a way to contact you if you are indeed chosen by the random number generator.  (I’m pretty sure email is included in the comment form anyways).  IF YOU’RE STILL CONFUSED, I made an example entry for you to follow.  Entries and questions go down below.  Good Luck!

Disclaimer: The Sleek Palette was purchased by me.  The Afterparty eyeshadow was provided by Sugarpill for this giveaway. 

  1. mytigerlily says:

    This is my example entry. I might win my own contest, moohahahah. Man did I have a crazy summer! I went cliff diving with Ke$ha!! Without ROPES! Can you believe it!?

    FB page liked: check.
    Tweeted: check. I’m gonna tell all my friends too!!

    (Just kidding I’m a sneaky rat and when I said I tweeted I LIED! EYE ON DA MFKN PRIZZLE, BEEZY!!)

  2. Melissa K Sparks says:

    My craziest Summer time memory this year was going to MY FIRST CONCERT EVer yes thats right first time, Rockin it out to Some Primus, They were awesome, Crazy, and I love it! Lot’s of wild things happens at concerts ya know, beer friends, Good times, Loud music, Vulgar language, Head bangin, R0ckin out! Need I say more, That was my craziest most FUN Memory! whooohoo!

  3. Maretta Barta says:

    I would say it was my first time jet skiing :)

  4. Melissa K Sparks says:

    oops forgot, FB liked and tweeting now, and Shared on my page! TY

  5. Emilie Bourget says:

    Hahaha the craziest thing I did this summer is ….. nothing lol I had one of the most boring summer of my life but I enjoy it with my familly so it was ok :)

    liked and published on facebook
    don’t have a twitter :p

  6. My crazy summer? I went to Jersey for the first time! Not many places crazier than that right now. Saw my first glimpse of the ocean up close! :D Also went to Six Flags for the first time, and totally conquered my fear of stand-up rollercoasters. YEAH! ^^

  7. Awesome giveaway, so this was by far my craziest summer so what had happened was spent the week in Myrtle Beach, car broke down had to leave it there but partied hard while we were there didnt let a little thing like that get me down. Then seen a few kick ass concerts like Godsmack, Fuel, as well as a few local bands. Then did a walk for Breast Cancer in honor of my Mom so yea it was deff a slam packed summer!!! I have shared this on Twitter as well as FB :) Thanks for the opportunity of a kick ass giveaway!!

    • mytigerlily says:

      Thanks so much for sharing this on twitter AND fb!, I really appreciate it Steph :]] That sounds like a damn good summer. It’s always possible when you have a kickass attitude about stuff like your car!!

  8. FB liked, shared on facebook and twitter. :)

    This happened this past weekend but man was it crazy. Drove down to Cocoa Beach, FL to hang out with my cousins whom I never see so we all decided to go to the bar. Dilemma, we didn’t want to take a cab so we entrusted my sister to be DD. So there were 6 of us, and one small BMW. 4 of us smoosh in the back, think 2 girls, 2 macho men. The ONLY way we could all fit, was by spooning. The whole way to the bar we were like “There’s something illegal about this, not about the 4 people in the backseat but the fact…cousins shouldn’t be this…close” haha the way back was worse because then it was like a drunk jigsaw puzzle and praying no one puked!

  9. Lauren J. says:

    I was having trouble with my connection — sorry if this posted twice! n_n;

    Over the summer, I went to the Anthropological Research Facility at the University of Tennessee (more popularly known as the “Body Farm”) and took a course that taught me how to identify the sex/age/ancestry/stature of human remains.
    (I’m an anthropology major with a concentration on forensic anthropology.)

  10. kausarsayed says:

    Havent done anything crazy this summer. this summer itself was crazily hot!! So sorry cant be creative and impressive as our country has no good summer.. its over humid and hot.. I tend to pass out on roads lol :P crazy?? :P But seriously.. Nothing crazy.. oh yeah.. went to aqua park this holiday and I first time went into deep water till my neck.. this was crazy for my coz iam scared of dept.. :P

    Posted on my fb page.

  11. I was sick most of the summer but I did complete a few projects that I had put off and really really enjoyed myself plus I got to hang out with my niece which I love doing.

  12. I liked, gonna tweet in a minute :3

    Well lets see, the craziest thing I did this summer would be visiting the injured XD… I went down to visit my cousin, whose spleen had ruptured. A week later he put an axe through his foot and had to go back to the hospital. Then we came back home and I was outside hula-hoop dancing. That was when my grandpa fell off a later and broke his arm. So yea…more of a painful summer than crazy

    • mytigerlily says:

      Wow. I’m speechless, I thought you were joking halfway through! I hope that your family has a less misfortunate rest of the year! And that everybody heals up okay :]] stay safe!

  13. Tina says:

    Craziest thing I did this summer was joining a roller derby team!

    Of course I liked you on FB and am sharing this contest :D.

  14. My craziest memory for this summer, would be going to my first burlesque show! Beautiful; ornate costumes and make-up with feathers, glitter, rhinestones, and everything that sparkles under the spotlights :) It was a really great night, with really fun and amazing people. Long live burlesque <3

  15. Anne Stonem says:

    This summer I think I did the most awesome thing I have ever done in my life!!!! : I went to the Mauritius Island, and there had the occasion to pet lions, cheetah and tigers for an entire hour !
    i can prove it! lol :

    (i’m french so i’m sorry if i sometimes use the wrong words)

  16. Kazandra says:

    The craziest thing I did this summer was stage dive off speakers.

  17. Nicolette says:

    Shared on FB. Craziest thing I did this summer was graduate from school as an esthetician, visit the man I love, and get pregnant. :D All within the span of a couple weeks. It’s been crazy, bumpy ride and I wouldn’t change a thing.

  18. The craziest thing i did this summer was ride in an albertsons shopping cart down the street and then my friend ran me into a huge fountain lol

    • mytigerlily says:

      I had a bad experience with being in a baby carriage when I was little. My dad used to push me really fast but one time he let go because he thought he had everything under control… and the cart tipped out of his reach. LOL. I hope you’re not hurt!

  19. I drove from Maine to Michigan with 2 children under 5 all by myself! You may not think that is crazy but it is 2 days of driving!

    Facebook: liked
    Shared on facebook

    • mytigerlily says:

      Oh dear me!!! Believe me when I say that I think driving is REALLY CRAZY. I just learned this past year (major stress!E!! aaa!!!) and driving from Maine to Michigan is really admirable!!!!

  20. Courtney says:

    Craziest thing I did this summer was get the guts together to make my first youtube video =)

  21. My craziest summer memory this year is my mega-lie-plan to my parents. You see, although I am 18 years old, my parents won’t let me do crap, and I REALLLY wanted to to go to my first warped tour with my boyfriend at virginia beach, so I made a fake invitation and told them that one of my good friends was having a party at here place before she left for college, and it started at 8 in the morning and it didn’t have an end time, because supposedly my friend was going to surprise those invited with some sort of event that would take up most of the day. I also put my friends number on the back of the card and put it in an envelope in my mailbox and volunteered to get the mail, and tahdah, they fell for it :D A couple days later I met my boyfriend at his house on the date of this so-called “party” and him and I, along with a couple of our friends, headed over to Virginia Beach! I had a blast!!! Always up front towards the stage and away from the moshing, but getting pushed every once in a while, but i had this HUGE smile plastered on my face the whole time because I go away with it!! :D So many cool alternative people from allll over with colorful hair and awesome clothes and all the amazing bands that I got to see!! I was in heaven. .< They went searching for me, and of course went to my boyfriends house FIRST where they found my car, using the spare key to take it back to my house, and also called the police!! My boyfriends mother was out of town and the only person at his house was his friend, Rob whom, at the time was paying rent to live with him for a while. The police came and asked Rob where I was, and the poor dude had to give it away. My dad called me in a huff and I was bawling… I was expecting the worse!! But he told me to stay where ever I was, that he didn't want to see me until the next day and that he was very disappointed. He also wanted to talk to everyone who came to Virginia beach with us the following morning, but thats as intense as it got. We all ended up driving back to my boyfriend's that night and spending the night there because on top of all of the drama, it was waaaayyy to hot to be camping! All in all, I got an amazingly fun trip to Virginia Beach, and my first night with my boyfriend :) It was worth it, and soon after the whole this blew over, I earned a lot more freedom!

  22. Ikra Ansaari says:

    the craziest thing i did this summer was ordered a blue brush and dyed my hair purple :P

  23. Bria Edwards says:

    I had a great summer full of playing shows (I’m in 3 bands), partying it up like crazy, and living life to the fullest. BUT the CRAZIEST/best thing I did over my Summer was dump my douche of a now ex boyfriend…hehe now ladies I’m living the single life and completely loving it! :) @Mytigerlily one of your looks on your FB page totally inspired me to try out my own version of it to wear to one of the shows I played…I got complimented like craaaazzzy and simply would answer back “thank you my tiger lily makeup on fb!” :D

    • mytigerlily says:

      OH MY GOSH! THIS COMMENT MAKES ME SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY!!! I feel really cool now for real. Do you have pictures!? POST THEM ON MY WALL!! You are on my awesome list now. 3 bands too, damnnn!!! Do you sing or play an instrument?

  24. Kole Garcia says:

    Liked your page, and retweeting :)
    My summer? It felt like 12 months in itself, but to sum it up, 24 hours of labor gave me a shiny new baby boy, and a new lease on my confidence. After 435820 pep-talks from my husband, I bought my first strapless bra and shorts! And 2 months after giving birth I’m back down to 125, and finally feel beautiful! So women, don’t be afraid of having a baby haha. Other than that, I moved houses three times, celebrated my 21 birthday (didn’t drink, preggo! super lame!), and discovered that a week-long trip to Mexico is in my future, courtesy of my mother-in-law. A very intense and exciting summer, but nothing compared to the future :D Good lord, I hope I don’t sound like a mom already, lmao…

  25. Ikra Ansaari says:

    another crazy thing i did this summer was paid for classes that i didnt even go too!

  26. Mellissa S says:

    This summer I partied hard (woke up in a different town whoaaa!) and I moved in with my boyfriend! That’s pretty intense for me, let me tell you. I don’t know if this counts but me & a friend are also roadtripping to the states from Canada to see one of our favorite Japanese musicians. That’s not until October though.

  27. Liked.
    Shared on Facebook & Twitter!

    The craziest thing(s) I’ve done this summer actually happened this weekend. I was out walking with my son in 95+ degree weather around the zoo and local renaissance festival…and the heat must have gotten to me b/c the next day I blew up on some old guy at church b/c he kept telling me my son was walking, playing, babbling too loud…and we were in the playroom & he’s autistic. I then apparently decided it would be a good idea to make the 10+ mile walk back, with my son, to the house b/c I was soo angry. Unfortunately I had no idea where I was going b/c I live in Cadillac and we were visiting my son’s family down in Detroit/Pontiac.
    Whoops, probably not the best idea I’ve ever had.

  28. Tiffanie Davenport says:

    I liked your page and have shared the giveaway on twitter!/Tiffanieda/status/111224646468243456
    The craziest thing I have done this summer is get engaged!!!! Wait that was last summer :S Basically the craziest thing I have done this summer is entertaining a 6 month old old and 6 year old while also trying to plan a wedding, be in two more, baseball games, attempting to get my fiance to let me bring home a baby raccoon while I celebrating a birthday (*didn’t work by the way)

  29. Wow this is great :) The craziest thing I did this summer…hmmm, well it wasn’t crazy, but it’s been the best summer I’ve ever had! I got to spend a week with my boyfriend at band camp, and now I’m getting to spend another week with him! :D I also went abroad for 3 weeks, and got tons of new make-up and lots of new brushes, and have been practicing make-up since :D

    Shared on FB and liked your page. Thank you for the great give-away :D

  30. There were a local My Chemical Romance fans meeting. It was very funny, but than some girls started to draw on the wall in the park we were “picnicing”. A few minutes later a policemen came and arrested us. Little drama but we were smiling (how silly! *laugh*) The meeting became a legendary *laugh*
    PS: Liked and shared, too

  31. Sarah O'Dell says:

    Started learning a new language..ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΑ (greek)

  32. So I’m a military wife and my husband was gone most of this crazy summer… I had to deal with an earthquake, hurricane and a swamp fire! All without my husband and with a wiggly 17 month old little boy, alaskan malamute doggie and 2 ferrets.. its been one crazy summer!

  33. alyciacreative says:

    The craziest thing I probably did this summer was a physical challenge. I’ve been going to my personal trainer for a year now trying to get fit and healthy. This summer I was able to do a walking push-up over a medicine ball! It’s extremely difficult and requires a lot of upper-body strength. I felt super proud of myself after that :)

    Liked on fb and shared.

  34. Anonymous says:

    The craziest thing I did this summer was wear plaid shorts. Yeah, I know it doesn’t so “out there” but you have no clue how much I detest plaid!!!!! I lost a bet to my sister about a TV show (PLL’s) and as a result I had to wear these FUGLY green, white, purple and yellow plaid shorts. I almost died!!!!

    P.S. Shared your giveaway on Twitter :o)

  35. Teigh says:

    The craziest thing I did this summer was join the Y. Why (is it crazy, that is)? Cuz I HATE to exercise and I really can’t afford it….but my hubby persuaded me that the entire family could benefit from the membership. Kids can enjoy the pool and he and I could “enjoy” the use of the workout room and the group exercise classes.

  36. Bhevarri says:

    The craziest thing I did this summer wasn’t really all that crazy for me, but would probably be crazy to others! I hung out with Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Stormtroopers and all those other awesome Star Wars bad guys quite a few times <3 All in a day's work for a Sandtrooper-in-training! (I have pics of one event on my blog, if interest takes anyone!)
    So so much fun! And for a good cause every time since it's all volunteer and charity work! WOO!

    I liked you on FB (anneliese c)
    and a TweetyTweet on Twitter!!/Bhevarri/status/111235488265928704

  37. Kassie says:

    Great Giveaway!! The craziest thing I did this summer was start a relationship a week before he left for bootcamp xD But I don’t regret it one bit, We are as strong as every(though doing that type of thing is so NOT my thing xD)

  38. Viridiean says:

    Lets see, the craziest thing I did this summer was…get my lip pierced by a guy I met three days prior, in his apartment. (It sounds fucking crazy, like dangerous crazy, but allow me to elaborate.) I go to a kind of small conservative university(if that’s even possible), and so the alt/goth/punks etc stand out a lot more. I’d always seen this guy around with insane piercings, lots of them. He was friends with all of my friends and vice versa, but I’d never actually mustered up the courage to talk to him. (I don’t know why I was afraid, we’re both pretty out there style-wise.) Then one day I decided I had a backbone, and that was the day I finally met him. During this fateful conversation, mostly about body modification and the like I mentioned that I’d planned on getting a lip ring, specifically a vertical labret for years. And he offered to do the piercing for me right then. It just so happened that he had 3 vertical labrets, and was always trying to convince people to get one. He’d also been doing piercing professionally for 7 years. And rather than set up at a tattoo shop in town, he decided to run things from his own place. I was kind of apprehensive, given that I’m a clean freak, and the nature of the whole deal. But I decided for once in my life, I wasn’t going to chicken out. I was going to go through with something. So the day I got my piercing I walked down to his apartment, (with a mutual friend of course) and it seemed pretty average. The place was about as cluttered as any college student’s apartment, but nothing that sent up a red flag. Then we got to his room. It was the coolest thing I’d ever seen, one side was a normal bedroom, the wall covered in band posters and art work, a bed on one side. The other was a completely cleared area with nothing but a chair just like you’d see in a tattoo parlor, and a bunch of plastic bins full of jewelry and equipment. I remember he had Rammstein blasting, and there was no light on in the place except for a blindingly bright light right over the chair. I sat down and watched him go through the motions of picking out the jewelry and piercing needle, changing his latex gloves like 4 times in the process. The one thing that set me at ease was that the place was medical-room clean on the piercing studio side. It wasn’t until it got to the point where he set the clamp down on my lower lip, that I started to panic. But I didn’t let myself wimp out, I sat through the whole procedure, piercing and jewelry-threading and all with no whining. (I was kind of proud of myself for that one.) It hurt about as much as getting a needle shoved vertically through your lip should hurt, but it was so worth it. I barraged him with questions about after-care and left with a shiny new piercing. Was it fucking crazy? Well to the average reader yes. Would I do it again? Oh hell yeah. So yeah, that’s the craziest thing I did this summer. (Sorry for the novel, I like narratives. :P)

    (I will definitely share on Twitter and Stumble Upon, but I’d rather not share on Facebook. Mainly because my parents use Facebook and they don’t need to know how/where I got my piercing. P.S. I’m well over legal consenting adult age, but they still parent over things. :P)

    • mytigerlily says:

      Thats a great story, thanks for taking the time to tell me about it! No worries about the facebook thing. Anything works to get you entered! Getting your lip pierced with Rammstein blasting in a high contrasty lighting place. o_O good stufff

  39. Violet Soria says:

    the craziest thing i did was get chased by a dog and than the owner finally came out and grabbed it. I’m still terrifed of dogs right now..
    FB page: liked and shared

  40. Sarah says:

    Already liked on FB, and I shared on twitter!!/MakeupBomb

    I didn’t really go crazy this summer, which I should’ve, but I went to Canada’s Wonderland in Toronto and rode the Behemoth (twice, once in the very front) which was really fun! I did a lot of partying too, and both my cottages! I had a really good summer, that’s for sure :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  41. ann badzinski says:

    craziest thing i did all summer? I got a big daisy tattoo on my side after my grandma died.. best decision ever! :D

    oh and i tweeted and fb-ed this post up! :D lol

  42. Jacky says:

    The craziest thing I did over the summer was to finally pluck up the courage to buy myself… a vibrator. Now this might not sound much, but hear me out. In my country, the people are very religious. It is illegal to sell sex toys out in the open, and if you are caught selling them/ having them on display, you could get arrested or pay a hefty fine and have all your wares seized. I had to find a seller online, and then sneak out to meet up with him in a public area. It was really sketchy mind you. lol…

    Shared on FB!


  44. Craziest thing I did this Summer was move to Toronto, Canada from South Africa to start Make -Up school at Complections International Academy of Make-Up Artistry, been at class for nearly 4 weeks now, and absolutely loving it! :)

    Liked, Tweeted and FB’d :)

    • mytigerlily says:

      I’m glad you love it so much, that’s a big move! Btw I saw your online shop and I think that your bows ARE SOO O O O O CUTE. Really. I love the blue polka dot one and the pink daisy one too!!! That’s you modeling, right? You’re gorgeousss…d;kajd;sa

  45. Craziest thing I did this summer was to quit my job as a makeup artist for a well known company to start my own artistry studio and cosmetic line… it is still in the baby stages.

  46. Vannesa_Valor says:

    Liking and sharing complete.

    The craziest thing out of all the craziest things I’ve done this summer was trick my hair out with some coontails and crazy colors. But surprisingly my mom didn’t care, and that added a few sprinkles to the craziness.

  47. Liked and tweeted your page under Ashiie Imperfect. I’m in Australia so we’ve just entered spring and left winter but the craziest thing i did was did the make up for a Melbourne alternative fashion show and photo shoot for Fiend magazine :3

  48. Anonymous says:

    liked your page!

    Craziest thing I did this summer was work with the craziest girls in Vegas at the Lush Cosmetics shop at the Mandalay Bay! I also got to meet Betsy Johnson this summer who walked into the shop and I was super excited to meet her!

  49. Jessica Wong says:

    Craziest thing I did this summer was go to Peru and eat guinea pig at Machu Picchu!

    Sorry if this is nosy, but what are you going to art school for? I almost went, and sometimes I regret not going.

    ps shared on facebook

    • mytigerlily says:

      Aha, I’m still in high school but I did an art school summer program at CalArts. I’m applying to art schools this year, so hopefully I get in to whatever school best fits me. I would probably major in illustration or fine art. How was the guinea pig!? That’s awesome :]]

  50. Went to a ton of outdoor festivals. Rock on the Range, Warped Tour, xFest, the All-Stars Tour, Carnival of Madness, and next week Uproar Tour.
    Saw bands like Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed, Korn, BVB, Motionless in White, Escape the Fate, Theory of a Deadman, My Darkest Days, Danzig, and so many more.
    Moshed at all of them with my boyfriend. I kicked some ass for being a 18 year old, tiny girl ;)

    FB page liked: check.
    Tweeted: check. I’m gonna tell all my friends too!!

  51. Kate says:

    I don’t think it’s super crazy but I got engaged in New Orleans!! It was close to a sleeping hobo too.

  52. Well sadly I have had a super boring summer because of an injury in both feet! Been disabled for nearly two years now and I just hobble around lol. Getting better at it though, and rockin P90X these days! Hope I can still qualify even though I haven’t done anything exciting.

    I liked you on FB and tweeted too =)

  53. Jade says:

    The craziest thing I did this summer was bungee jump with my wife off an old railway bridge for our Wedding Anniversary. We didn’t have a honeymoon, so we wanted to something unforgettable to mark a year of being married. (: (I’m scared of heights, so this was a huge accomplishment for me, haha)

    Liked and tweeted! <3

  54. Vanessa says:

    The craziest thing I did this summer? I got engaged *eeeee*
    He even asked my father for permission first <3

    I shared your contest on Facebook under Vanessa Wilks (follow you under the same) and my contact info is…good luck to everyone :)

  55. Emili Taylor says:

    The craziest thing I did this summer was move out of my parents and into an apartment with my boyfriend. May not sound that big…but for me that’s something major xD

  56. Louis says:

    so… where my summer sits on the crazy scale is certainly up for debate. but I guess the craziest thing I did this summer… (drum roll!!!!!) was come out to my mom as both a gay man… AND a drag queen. enough said there, huh? o! and I fell crazily and madly in love :D with sugarpill cosmetics!!! haha! and my incredible boyfriend. so there u have it.

    Hope i win!

  57. Cara says:

    Craziest thing I did – pretty tame actually, went to see a drag queen pageant — FIERCE!!!!

    FB page: liked

  58. Josie says:

    I went to Hawaii and snorkelled with sea turtles and all sorts of beautiful fish. Hanauma Bay is so worth going to!!

  59. It was the most boring summer ever this year, I didn’t do anything crazy :(

    Liked your FB and tweeted!/Sparkled_Beauty/status/111421520454234114

  60. Pearl Curtis says:

    The craziest thing I did this summer was go to the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas. I’ve never been to anything quite so huge and bumped shoulders while listening to all my favorite DJ’s with around 200,000 people over a span of 3 days. The experience was absolutely life changing and I hope I can do it again next year. Sugarpill was part of it with me too through those 3 days of crazy makeup, costumes, adorable people, amazing art, and of course the music.

  61. Bell says:

    The craziest thing I did this summer……I spent a week pretty much not sleeping to design a bunch of accessories and such for a photoshoot to get myself and six other models their first publication… was rather crazy that I thought I could get it done in that time without killing myself.

    I follow under La Belle Fille on facebook and this is my post:

    PS – email is

  62. Connie Baker says:

    I guess the “Craziest” thing that I’ve done this summer would be…I went to “Hippiefest” and dressed from head to toe like a Hippie! When youre 53, you kinda slow down on the “Crazy” things! LOL

  63. Craziest thing I did this summer – went to ape shit on everyone at art school. No big deal. < :

  64. OOOOH, and shared on Facebook, darling!

  65. valerie says:

    the craziest thing this summer i did was not that crazy. :'( i got to work at an opthamologist’s office and poke people’s eyes :)

    • Reikko says:

      Liked and shared on my fb, twitter and blog. :))

      I didn’t do anything crazy this summer… I was all time at work, so… xD Maybe the craziest thing is that some random man was introducing me his dog… O.o I don’t know why, I don’t know that man, don’t know that dog but… it was funny … xD

      Perfect giveaway, you’r doing great makeups!! ^^

    • mytigerlily says:

      val is that you? lol

  66. The craziest thing I did this summer was bring my sewing machine out of retirement after I swore I would never touch another damn sewing machine again. I like to live on the edge.

    Shared on twitter.

  67. Gala says:

    I went to a rock festival this summer whoo :)

    shared on facebook

  68. The craziest thing of this summer was trying to get rid of a bunch of wasps that were on a
    misson to take over our living room…and we did it without any damage *yay*

    I like your FB page and shared on twitter:!/OohLadyBeGood/status/112262173237051392

  69. Joyce Hu says:

    craziest thing this summer…

    our volleyball team had a sleepover. we planned to teepee someone’s house, but as we were getting ready to leave we find we were getting teepeed by someone else! so we went outside to try and catch a glimpse of who it was and we figured out pretty much everybody! so we added them to our hit list, cleaned everything up, and headed out XD. we were driving around like maniacs blasting our music and going insane we hit about 5 houses without getting caught!!!!!

    then… we go back to the house to find it covered with s*** the second time around… (cat food, cereal, flour, and strange bleu cheese and ranch dressing… wtf?)

    basically… i was a participant in a tee pee war. and it was my first time teepeeing… what an interesting first impression HAHA

  70. Okay, so I just got back from LA yesterday, where my youngest sister was chosen as a finalist in a K-Pop Dance Cover competition… by Suzy&Min of Miss A, and Victoria&Amber of f(x)!!!!! She got to meet them all; I only stood several feet away from them, but it was so surreal! I’ve been an f(x) fan pretty much since they debuted, but I never thought I’d get to see them in person, let alone so close like that! It was so awesome, and crazy, and trippy! All I could think was “Is this real life?” haha xD

    I already liked your FB a while ago because you’re awesome ;)

    I just Tweeted:!/Makeupfancy/status/113716216618680321

    Aaaand my email is: egpenn(at)gmail(dot)com

    I don’t know if typing it like that actually prevents spam or not but thought it was worth a try lol. x3

    • mytigerlily says:

      dangg! I didn’t know that they were all in LA right now!! That sounds ridiculous.. yeah I wen’t to SM town last year and it was the craziest concert ever b/c i never thought i’d ever be able to see any of them in real life. ^^

  71. Ikra Ansaari says:

    the craziest thing i done was fight to my hubby about messing up my clothes for hoildays and i didnt even consider the fact he was the one who spend so much time shopping for me.. i broke his heart and then relieve my mistake..! but the funny thing was the clothes were perfectly fine and fitted very well.. i had over reacted

  72. LuLu says:

    Okay, the weirdest thing I did this summer. Perhaps creepy rather than crazy but anyhoo, during math class (it’s technically winter in Oz but whatever) I went through my math teacher’s mobile and went to the games section…only to realise it was full of sex games. OO Okay, not so bad since I didn’t directly confront him but then the next lesson we started talking about yaoi and BL. Yes, I don’t know how he knows but it was a very interesting lesson indeed.

    GL to everyone! And thank you for this competition!

  73. Vanesssaaaaa says:

    the craziest thing i did this summer was go bunjee jumping! it was SUPER scary! but lots of fun,

  74. says:

    The craziest thing I did this summer? Umm… This summer wasn’t too exciting unfortunately. I did go out of town a lot and shop at Bath & Body Works! That’s my favorite thing to do and every time I’m in there I swear time stands still! =p Oh and during the summer (this never happened to me before) I was cooking and this huge flame came up from the stove and scared me to death! I thought my eyebrows were going to get singed off and I screamed. lol. Everything was ok though!

  75. nothing to crazy anymore…have a son that’s 11months old :p i will however tell you that one summer i went white water rafting with a bunch of friends during the day and in the evening we had a martini and bathrobe party…wild, i tell ya. wild. lol. maybe not. oh well :) please don’t disqualify me for being boring :( love the site chica! keep it up. and love the write-ups. you crack me up!
    liked on FB and tweeted about the giveaway too! xoxo

  76. Cathy Pandolfini Alger says:

    Actually i didn’t do anything crazy this summer..Went to alot of doctor appointments,Birthday parties & cookouts with the kids…I deff need some excitment in my life!!

  77. Cathy Pandolfini Alger says:

    shared on facebook

  78. Stacy Fields says:

    The craziest thing I did this summer was fly my son cross country to see his father he hasn’t seen in 3 yrs & decide that I was going to let him buy me a house on the west coast next summer. Considering I’m not a fan of the man, that’s pretty big since I’ll have to see him almost daily. Other than that, it was pretty boring!

  79. Stacy Fields says:

    I “like”d your FB page & also shared it on FB.

  80. got crazy on the beach lol

  81. jarafst says:

    the craziest thing i did this summer: moved to another city to do a masters degree in something i’ve never studied before. whats crazier is the university actually let me in.

  82. FIRST!
    The craziest thing I’ve done this summer is… I got married!!!!!!!!!! Haha It may not sound crazy but I was only 20 and I am Asian (you know Asian parents are always superrrr straight… when i told them, they were like… WTH!?)
    We went to Hawaii for honeymoon. That was wonderful. The weather there are super nice compare to Tennessee!
    I started blogging <3<3<3

    FB page liked!!! (user name is KWL sorry only the initial , but I am sure you can find me! )
    Tweeted!! (username Katscosmetics)

  83. Marin says:

    Tiger Lily, you must come back! I miss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

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