Look: Hello Nurse! (Zombie Nurse Halloween Costume)

Posted: November 2, 2011 in Dramatic

I hope everyone had a great Halloween.  Planning my costume took up way more of my time than it really should have, but this only comes once a year!  The little kids pretended they weren’t scared but I know that they were shriveling up on the inside…

The two main products I used to create my wounds in this look are Mehron’s Liquid Latex and Coagulated Blood Gel.  I ordered mine online off their official store.  I’m not going to post picture a tutorial showing how to use them because there are plenty of people who have already posted videos on this topic.  Additionally this was my first time trying; I’m not an expert on prosthetic makeup.

Most of my props I bought at Salvation Army or the 99 cent store.  I crafted the hypodermic needle myself out of a paint bottle!  I used red duct tape to add red crosses to my clothing and bag.  The nurse hat was $6.00 off eBay and I got my colored contacts from my optometrist! (long story.. thank you very much to everyone who helped me with my costume!)  On my face I used nothing but SUGARPILL!  Their pressed palettes are so nice for dramatic makeup looks because the pans are large like blush pans, which allowed me to use my powder brushes to bruise and batter up my face.   On top of my sunscreen I blended in a layer of Tako (white) to drain the life from my skin color.  I used a combination of Poison Plum (purple) and Buttercupcake (yellow) for the bruises and a combination of Bulletproof (black) and Love+ (red) around my eyes to create the dark circles showing a nurse’s sleep deprivation.  Nurses are really hardcore, even if they’re not zombies.

Above you can see my friend Joyce from Tea Party Frenzy!  Doesn’t she look stunning!?  The second picture is me with the librarians at my school… they are WAY TOO AWESOME!  Thanks for waiting so long for this Halloween post!  I’ll put up some general updates once my life stops kicking me in the pants!
  1. Anonymous says:

    Talented af

  2. This is crazy cool.. and omg, your bone is sticking out.. great job lol!

  3. TCHEUN says:

    best costume everrrrr
    and whoever says likewise is a peabrain.
    mytigerlily FTW! <3

  4. Wow really awesome costume!!! It makes me want to cringe lol.

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