Review: Concrete Minerals

Posted: January 7, 2012 in Reviews and Swatches

The awesome promo card that comes with the order! (front and back)

Available: Concrete Minerals Website
Price: $6.99 for a full sized eyeshadow

What I loved about this company:

  • Excellent product photography.  We can all clearly see the color we’re signing up for.  ALMOST EVERY COLOR HAS A BEAUTIFUL EYE SWATCH TOO.  Guys, seriously!? An EYE SWATCH.  The holiest of all swatches.  The type of swatch everybody is too lazy to do.  Well now you don’t have to go wasting all your time looking up various colors on blogs like mine for swatches when you choose your colors.  Well, I mean, I would appreciate it but with CM you definitely don’t have to depend on any other sources for accuracy in color.  I’ve checked all the eye shadows I have and how they correspond on the website and they’re all pretty spot on.  Plus, there’s a built in review mechanism for each product.  Very cool.
  • Excellent website design.  Easily navigated and really reflects a well thought out product design and brand image.  From what I understand, the idea behind CM is to make healthy mineral makeup more accessible at a high quality level.  What I mean by that is yes, there are many places (with varying levels of sketchiness)  to acquire mineral makeup, but CM makes you excited about purchasing cleaner makeup!  Why exactly?
  • Because they can offer the delight of a really smoothly functioning presentation.  Nowadays, I REALLY don’t underestimate the power presentation has over my enjoyment of a product.  As I’ve grown older, the less inclined I am to drop on cheaper brands, even if the actual product would get the job done just as well.  If I really want something, I want something that will last – something that I can treasure.
  • COLOR SELECTION: Well chosen unique colors.  There are not so many that you don’t even know where to start.  They offer fifty eye shadow shades and  I find that to be a great number.  Not limited, but not overwhelmingly UNLIMITED.  I tend to trust brands that have fewer colors simply because I think that they put more consideration into each and aren’t mindlessly adding crap colors just to enlarge their selection.  CM colors have great names too.. ahaaha ;)
  • Really caring and sweet customer service, easily reached through email or multiple social networking sites.  The owner Emily is so down to earth and really believes in her products’ niche within the makeup world.  See if you don’t fall in love with her after reading her interview on Phyrra.  I really trust her.  Nobody is trying to scam anyone around here.

1. Jezebel 2. Napalm 3. Smut 4. Blitzkrieg 5. Rocked 6. White Rabbit

Comments about the specific colors: I would recommend 5 Rocked and 3 Smut.  Especially Smut.  It’s one of their most popular colors, and I can see why.  It’s such a gorgeous plummy taupe with red fiya!  I’m embarrassing myself with this description so  just look at the pictures.  The colors that applied the least smoothly for me were 1 Jezebel and 6 White Rabbit.   Napalm was a more muted orange than seen on the website, although still nice in person.  Blitz is a great mid neutral if you’re looking for that.

Packaging 360: Bottom Labeling, Inside, Top, Quarter Size Comparison

Bottom: Nice label of the shade name, ingredients.
Inside: Has a sifter, which many people find nice
Cap: Not transparent so you can’t see the shade from the top. BOO!!
Quarter: Most mineral containers are these dinky little quarter sized pots, very scary considering that if you mishandle one you could knock over everything and make a big mess.  These are significantly larger.

I only have experience with the eye shadows in this brand so I’m still enticed to try their other products: the Sexy Lips and the big one, their Electric Eye Primer!  Based on Heather (Eye Conic Makeup)’s review, it seems really promising.  Even though I’m a much bigger fan of pressed eye shadows, Smut earns a place in my elite top drawer of makeup.

P.S. I used CM in my Galaxy Look!

Disclaimer: I have received these samples and
products for review from Concrete Minerals.
This is my 100% honest opinion blah blah blah.  

  1. Leira Yann says:

    Great review!!! So many pretty colors.

  2. Very nice review :) Thanks for breaking it down so thoroughly! I definitely like Smut the most out of these, and think the rest of the world should follow in CM’s example (of doing eye swatches. It would make life so much easier).

  3. Lynn says:

    Nice review, I love Smut, too, one of my faves! I would recommend CM to makeup lovers looking for awesome mineral makeup, just be aware all this awesomeness takes time, so don’t expect your order to arrive quickly…

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