How did you get into makeup?
See my Introduction!

When did you first start wearing makeup?  Where did you learn?
I first started wearing a little bit of eye makeup every day when I started 9th grade.  I am self taught.  There are tons of amazing resources online that can help anyone gain a basic understanding of makeup (you can see my favorites listed in the sidebar under Links).  However, at the end of the day, the only way to find the best methods and products for your own face is experimentation.

Will you do makeup for an event / shoot? 
I’d be happy to!  Hit me up on Facebook or my Contact Box and we’ll talk pricing then. Thank you!

Are you currently accepting PR packages for possible review?
Yes I am.  It may take me at least a month to try your product and write a solid review, however.  Please shoot me a message in the Contact Box.


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